Never clean your gutters again

No clogs. No overflows. With Alu-rex gutter guards, your gutters stay free flowing for life.

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Quick relief from the leaf

When left uncleaned, leaves, twigs and pine needles clog and overflow your gutters. Over time, this can lead to costly water damage to your home and property.

Alu-rex continuous gutter guards suspend lawn debris on top of a perforated panel. The debris is then dried and swept away with a gentle breeze. But that’s not all.

Alu-rex gutter guards continue to drain normally even when covered in wet leaves and snow. Meaning year-round performance with practically zero maintenance.

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Closeup of the gutter guards system

How gutter guards protect your home

Hand holding leafs clogging gutters

No clogs, no overflows

Alu-rex drains more than twice the highest recorded rainfall ever per hour – and continues to work when covered with snow, ice and wet debris.

Virtually maintenance-free

Wet leaves are dried by air flowing through the gutter guard’s drainage holes and then cleared away by a gentle 6 mph breeze.

Gutter Guards preventing leafs from clogs
Three men hanging on seamless gutters in PA.

Superior strength

Continuous gutter guards mount securely in place along the entire gutter and can hold snow and ice loads up to 858 lbs!

Maintain a crisp, clean look

Over time, water carries dust and dirt from the top of the gutter down the front face creating ugly streaks called “tiger stripes.”

Fitted with a built-in drip edge, Alu-rex gutter guards direct water over the edge of the gutter. Keeping gutters cleaner, longer.

Plus, Alu-rex gutter guards are virtually invisible from the street. And with a 100% aluminum construction, they’ll never rot or rust.

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Closeup of Gutter guards system installed on a house

For new and existing gutters

Alu-rex can be added to new and existing gutters. And since gutter guards mount directly to the gutter, there’s no need to lift shingles or pull existing gutters from the roof.

Closeup of the Gutter Guards system
Closeup of the Gutter Guards system and its screw direction

Free-flowing gutters in three easy steps


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Rest easy knowing your gutters are free-flowing and protecting your home from costly water damage - without the chore of regular cleanings.

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Never clogs, never overflows warranty

Trust in your gutters with a manufacturer’s 25-year No Clog/No Overflow Warranty on all Alu-rex gutter guard systems.

25 years warranty stamp

We’ll treat your property like our own

When you choose Beiler Gutters, you’re choosing a family owned and operated business that’s dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Our knowledgeable technicians serve Lancaster, Chester, Berks and surrounding counties. We’ll add Alu-rex to your existing or new gutters in less than a day—totally hassle-free from project start to finish.

Your Alu-rex gutter guards also come with a 25-year No Clog/No Overflow Warranty plus a full ten-year workmanship guarantee. Meaning we’ll fix any workmanship related issues on our cost for up to ten years following your installation.

Invest in Alu-rex today. Your gutters will last longer, work better and you get to stay off the ladder.

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